May 7, 2019

Dear partners in ministry,

Thank you for your prayers for us during this last month! It has been a full and challenging year and we are not yet to the end!


Connecting... this is an essential part of who God has made us - we are designed to live in fellowship with Him and with those around us but it is not an easy thing to do!

Our desire is to learn to connect in healthy ways with family, friends, students and those who have very little understanding of God's purpose and love for us. Here are some ways we have been working to do this...

Paul has been working to manage and teach online courses for the last 3 months and planning in several areas for next year. Here are comments from 2 of the 25 participants in the Christian Philosophy of Education course that Paul helped to lead recently. This 8-week course provides an introduction for a biblical approach to teaching. Part of our desire is to build community in a broad network of Christian Schools around the world through this type of quality training. Part of our desire is to build community in a broad network of Christian Schools around the world through this type of quality training.

  • The idea of writing a biblically integrated lesson plan and actually teaching it has transformed my general teaching career. This skill is now of great value because it has helped me teach with intentional and planned goals of integrating Biblical principles.
  • This is my first year teaching at an international christian school, the knowledge gained here has helped me see my role as a teacher, cleared my perceptions of the students and has increased my confidence in teaching.

Paul speakes at the Romanian teacher conference in Brasov.

Paul also spoke at the Romanian teacher conference in April on the topic of “Collaboration for Improved Learning”. We are excited to see a growing interest in real Christian community in and between the schools in this part of the world. A commitment toward healthy teacher to teacher relationships, student relationships and collaborative teaching methods reflects a deeper understanding of God’s call on our lives to growth in the context of relationships.


Fun with friends from ECA

In April our family was also able to connect with dear friends and teachers from Evangelical Christian Academy (Spain). We continue to be blessed by our friends and their commitment to serve God in through Christian education. Please pray for new teachers to fill crucial roles for the coming school year at ECA, at ICSB and in several other international Christian schools.


Paul with his dad and sister in Florida

Prayer Requests

Please pray as Paul travels in the US in May and then leads music at a teacher conference in Spain. Pray for Paul as he reconnectes with family, friends and supporters in the US. Pray for new and commited financial partners in this ministry and opportunities to encourage and engage others in what God is doing.

Please continue to pray for our daily ministries and activities. Ellie continues with her responsibilities at school and caring for our boys and home as Paul is away. Silas and Timothy are finishing up school requirements for this year. Silas continues with sports activities and playing piano on the middle school worship team. Please pray for our church situation and the need for Christ-centered and effective leadership.

prayer map

Thank you for parterning with us!

Thank you!

Thank you again for your continued commitment to us and the ministry God has called us to share in Europe! Ellie, Silas, Timothy and I continue to pray for you and appreciate your communication with us through email, Facebook and other formats!

Giving is possible online through our website. Connect with us on our US phone, 1 239-234-4606 or by e-mail at Remember that Hungary is 6 hours later than Eastern Standard Time ;). Thank you!

In the Journey of Joy,
Paul, Ellie, Silas & Timothy Madsen
Serving in Europe with RCE International