April 10, 2018

Dear partners in ministry,

After about 11 hours of driving, we arrived in Pascani, Romania on Friday night (March 23). We were met by the orphanage director and the school principal who had a meal ready for us and a nice place to stay. The next day more than 100 Christian teachers came to fellowship and learn together about how to improve their teaching practices. We also heard the children from the orphanage sing in the morning and were amazed at the beauty and the joy of their singing. Thank you for your prayers and giving that make trips like this possible. We are so encouraged by the faith and commitment of our brothers and sisters in Romania, and many other places, as they live and teach in difficult settings under rigorous government conditions. One school leader shared with me that he recieved a surprise inspection from the local Ministry of Education that week just because they hoped to find a reason to give them trouble. But God is expanding their ministry and influence and more parents are coming to them each year for their family's education needs. You can see a few trip pictures on facebook.

This month Paul is speaking at ECA's spiritual emphasis week for the secondary students. He will also help to lead a Forum on Christian Education for Spanish leaders and speak on the distinctives of Christian education. We appreciate your continued prayers during these days filled with incredible opportunities to serve and be a blessing. Our desire is to see growing Christian schools that both inspire and train youth to love and serve God and their communities!


Paul with Christian school leaders in Romania

The ACSI website move is mostly complete now and you can see the new page at acsieurope.org Please continue to pray for Ellie and the boys with their school activities and responsibilities. Silas missed several days of school in March due to illness but is back to normal now. We were also able to take a couple days away as a family in early April to recouperate and prepare for the final 2 months of school. We will be traveling during the summer to visit family in Florida and in Ecuador. This will be important to reconnect with Ellie's family since we have not been to her home in 4 years!

We continue to pray regularly for your needs and ministries and carefully note every prayer concern that you send us. We trust that God will supply all your needs and give you opportunities to grow and learn to depend on Him through every circumstance. Thank you for investing in us and in the ministry of Christian education!


Fun with family!

  • Please pray for continued strength during a busy year.
  • Please pray for faithfulness in our daily walk with Jesus.
  • Please pray for Paul's responsibilities in Spain in April.
  • Please continue to pray for financial support for this ministry.

You may write to us at any time! Remember, you can connect with us on our US phone, 1 239-234-4606 or by e-mail at madsen@journeyofjoy.org. Thank you!

In the Journey of Joy,
Paul, Ellie, Silas & Timothy Madsen
Serving in Europe
with RCE International and ACSI