October 26, 2017

Dear partners in ministry,

A mother in Holland wrote recently about her son and the impact that SLC had on his life. She writes:
... the student leadership conference in Hungary has meant a lot to him and to us as parents: He came home full of enthusiasm and couldn't stop talking about what he has learnt and the people he has met. He has shown me his booklet, filled with his personal notes on the lectures and discussion groups and his plan on how to make his search for biblical wisdom part of his everyday life. His faith in the Lord was strengthened through the fellowship with Christians from across the world.

Wouldn't this be an amazing place for each of us to be? I want to be passionate about my daily search for biblical wisdom and for this passion to overflow into all my teaching opportunities and relationships! Thank you for your prayers for us during these days and for the 375 participants who attended the Student Leadership Conference from 41 schools and 18 countries! You can access the conference videos with the worship times and main sessions at: https://vimeo.com/user34041507

The following week was the regional ACSI teacher conference in Bucharest, Romania. The sessions there were focused on "Teaching for Heart and Mind". Paul spoke on leveraging new ideas for learning in today's culture while maintaining strong biblical foundations in educational content and methods.


SLC discussion groups were led by students and focused on practical application of learning, prayer and relationship building. Please pray for these students as they work to put into practice what they have learned about God and His call on their lives. Each school also developed and action plan for their own community.


SLC worship times focused on the character of God and our purpose in praising Him and making Him known. We love singing with students from so many languages, denominations and cultures but united in our love for Jesus. We also enjoyed great fellowship and fun with both students and teachers including a team of 12 from ECA!

  • Please pray for our online courses which have begun and will run through November. Paul will be leading several of these and developing more courses for February.
  • Please pray for Ellie's continuing ministries at school and the boys in their daily studies and friendships.
  • Please pray for continued growth in Hungarian, this is a daily learning process for us!
  • Please pray for continuing financial support for this ministry.

Thank you for joining us in ministry!

Remember, you can always connect with us on our US phone, 1 239-234-4606 or by e-mail at madsen@journeyofjoy.org. Thank you!

In the Journey of Joy,
Paul, Ellie, Silas & Timothy Madsen
Serving in Europe
with RCE International and ACSI