June 26, 2019

Dear partners in ministry,

Thank you so much for your prayers for us these days! Paul had a wonderful time in the US as he traveled from Florida to Pennsylvania and back, seeing about 30 different families and spending important time with his dad and both sisters. After returning home, he went to Spain for a few days for ministry. This gave him a chance to see friends at ECA and at our Spanish church in Madrid, connect with what God is doing through various ministries in Spain and get an idea of how we can continue to invest in the growth of Christian education there.

Dad celebrated 83 years in June but there is always time for Chick-fil-A!
Timothy displays some of his quality art at the end of year program.
Paul led the worship during an event for Christian teachers from 23 countries who gathered in Spain.
This dear couple inspired Paul while he was in college to start praying about the needs in Europe. They were missionaries in France for many years and we had not seen each other for 30 years!
Silas celebrated the end of 7th grade by receiving several awards and participating in a concert.

It is important to continue learning, even during the summer months! Here are a few things we've been learning and need to still learn.

What we know...

  • Timothy now knows that he is ready for middle school and that the summer will probably be too long to endure ;).
  • Silas knows that performing, singing, playing and acting are really a lot of fun and not as scary as they might seem at first.
  • Ellie knows that 4 weeks is a long time for Paul to be away from home and traveling in the US but that she can manage with help from the boys.
  • Paul knows that it is a huge blessing to meet with so many friends over the 2700 miles he traveled in May but it is preferable to do this with Ellie and the boys.

What we need to know...

  • Timothy is not yet sure which sports he wants to try but thinks that he might really enjoy being in the M.S. musical and playing a wind instrument.  He will be reading a lot over the summer and preparing to playing piano sometimes for middle school chapel next year.
  • Silas wants to know how many hours every day he can spend playing board games but also needs to know many other things in preparation for 8th grade, more advanced music opportunities, Algebra and athletics.
  • Ellie and Paul need to know more about intentional, biblical parenting and how to communicate these ideas to others as we prepare to offer "The Art of Parenting" for other couples at our church in the fall. We also see that the more we learn, the more we need to learn!

Thank you!

We are so grateful for your investment in us and the work of Christ-centered education in Europe! What are you learning these days? We would love to hear from you through email, Facebook, telephone, FaceTime or any format you prefer!

Giving is possible online through our website. Connect with us on our US phone, 1 239-234-4606 or by e-mail at madsen@journeyofjoy.org. Remember that Hungary is 6 hours later than Eastern Standard Time ;). Send us a note to request our FaceTime or iMessage contact info. Thank you!

In the Journey of Joy,
Paul, Ellie, Silas & Timothy Madsen
Serving in Europe with RCE International