May 15, 2018

Dear partners in ministry,

Paul spent a week at Evangelical Christian Academy in Madrid in April. This was a wonderful opportunity to have many conversations with students as well as teachers about how God is working in their lives. Thank you for your prayers as Paul spoke in chapel each day on the theme "Restoring God's Image in Us". We discussed identity, relationships, love, hope and purpose in the context of who God has made us and His work in us to restore our full potential and purpose for His glory and our good.

Ellie and the boys came for the weekend and were able to see many friends as well. Paul spoke on Friday and Saturday at the 3rd Forum for Christ-centered Education. This event brought about 25 Spaniards from various contexts who are committed to the task of providing Christian education for their communities. Representatives came from Barcelona, the Canary Islands, Irun (Pamplona) and the greater Madrid area. It was a beautiful time of fellowship, learning and prayer for Spain and its people.

The last few weeks have also been full with end of the year school activities here in Hungary, music performances, teaching online, conference planning for next year and preparations for the summer.


Paul with the group at the 3rd Forum in Spain

Paul has been teaching online during April and May as well as continuing the ACSI website development. Ellie and the boys have been busy with their school activities and responsibilities. Silas is now playing piano periodically in the middle school chapels. We continue to pray regularly for your needs and ministries and carefully note every prayer concern that you send us. We trust that God will supply all your needs and give you opportunities to grow and learn to depend on Him through every circumstance. Thank you for investing in us and in the ministry of Christian education!


Reconnecting with family and dear friends in Spain

  • Pray for Ellie as she works with students and teachers each day.
  • Please pray Silas and Timothy for a strong finish to the school year.
  • Pray for Paul as he has a school accreditation trip at the end of May.
  • Please continue to pray for financial support for this ministry.

Please let us know how we can pray for you. We will be visiting family for a few weeks this summer but you can always connect with us on our US phone, 1 239-234-4606 or by e-mail at Thank you!

In the Journey of Joy,
Paul, Ellie, Silas & Timothy Madsen
Serving in Europe
with RCE International and ACSI


Ellie, Timothy and his cousin