March 7, 2018

Dear partners in ministry,

Thanks for your prayers! The February Hungarian school leadership conference was a really unique event and a huge blessing. We had the opportunity to connect with many school leaders that we had not met before and developed the theme “Character Formation in the Christian School”. Guests of ACSI came from 3 Christian schools in other parts of Europe to share about their struggles and success in this area.

There are online courses still in session which are serving teachers from about 10 countries to implement strong, Christ-centered teaching methods and collaborate across cultures. These are exciting opportunities for learning and we also learn a lot in the process! Continue to pray for these teachers and for their students who face the challenge of integrating faith in every area of life within our often intolerant and self-serving culture.


with Christian school leaders in Poland

We had a good friend and her mom visit at the end of February and we learned so much from them. We also took 2 days away as a family for skiing, which is always a very special time together before our busy spring season.

March is always a month of celebration for us as Paul, Silas and Timothy celebrate birthdays and we also celebrate our anniversary. Paul is in Poland this week and then in Romania  for school leadership conferences. He is also managing a website move for the website and developing more online courses for teachers which will start in April.

Please continue to pray for Ellie and the boys with their school activities and responsibilities. We continue to pray for you and trust that God will supply your needs each day as you trust Him. Thank you for investing in us and in the ministry of Christian education!


Birthdays and fun!

  • Please pray for online courses as Paul develops and teaches these in April.
  • Please pray Paul as he speaks in Romania on March 24.
  • Please pray Paul's speaking opportunities in Spain in April.
  • Please continue to pray for financial support for this ministry.

We pray for His unique blessing on your lives as you seek Him each day. It's been a good reminder for us that we learn the most from those that are not like us. So when we face challenges in communication or attitudes or differences of beliefs, we must approach with humility and a desire to learn. But we also have a responsibility to know and apply biblical truth so we can filter what we learn through the lens of Scripture. Remember, you can always connect with us on our US phone, 1 239-234-4606 or by e-mail at Thank you!

In the Journey of Joy,
Paul, Ellie, Silas & Timothy Madsen
Serving in Europe
with RCE International and ACSI