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Just as Jesus joined the two who were on their way to Emmaus that day; He joins us. He walks beside us patiently explaining who He is. Finally, when we recognize Him, we are surprised by joy in the realization that it has been Him all along and that we are now in love with Him who has first loved us.

Ministry Objectives
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Paul and Ellie's Ministry Objectives:

To and with youth: These are explained in depth below, but our focus is the following...

  1. Bringing youth of many cultures to faith in Christ
  2. Affirming their value as God's children
  3. Discipling them in trust based relationships
  4. Finding their God-given gifts for service
  5. Enabling them in ministry to others

Our family lives and serves in THREE unique settings:

ECA ministry

Paul with ECA students at SLC

ACSI Europe serves over 250 Christian schools in more than 20 European countries providing them with educational resources, conferences and teacher training. Most of these schools are national Christian schools, which means that they serve the children of their respective country in their own language. Because of the lack of Christian teacher training programs in Europe, many Christian schools face the challenge of helping their teachers integrate Biblical Truth with each area of the curriculum as well as establishing a philosophical approach for the school to impact its community for Christ. Each school has a tremendous opportunity to reach hundreds of youth who will become the next generation of Christian leaders throughout Europe.
ACSI also serves the international Christian schools in Europe (like ECA, where we worked for 14 years). These schools serve the missionary community in Europe but also have a growing opportunity to reach families from their local communities. The children of these missionaries are unique in their potential to reach the world for Christ because of their heritage, training, language and cultural skills. Our challenge is to make each of these young people aware of their potential and God's unique call on their lives NOW to communicate His love to a lost and hurting world. Paul's role with ACSI is to help lead teacher training events and to facilitate student leadership and ministry initiatives in our network of schools.


new friends, old friends

Local ministries and personal evangelism are a part of our every day life as we interact with our neighbors, our local school community and contacts through our local church. We cross paths daily with many people and have opportunities to develop friendships that lead to sharing our faith and the reality of God's love and gift of salvation. It is our prayer that He will use us as tools to reach others and to disciple them as they open their hearts and minds to God's Truth. Ellie facilitates many opportunities as she opens our home to meals, meetings and activities.

The THIRD setting is in the US either in person or in long-distance communication, involving individuals and families in Great Commission living!


Partnership with YOU!

As you may know, all of our income for living and ministry comes from the voluntary donations of those individuals and churches that believe in us and consider our work important. Without these people's investment in God's work, it would be impossible to carry out the responsibilities to which He has called us. We would be happy to have you join our team through regular prayer and/or financial support.

Would you consider investing in the youth of Europe? You can be a part of reaching these young people now by joining with us through your prayers and gifts. We depend on the gifts and prayers of people who will partner with us, in dependence upon God's provision, to faithfully support our ministry. All gifts are channeled though our mission agency, thereby providing for support services as well as the daily costs of ministry. (See FAQ's or options for giving on Partners.)

The chart summarizes giving over the last year and a half. Although giving in the last quarter of each year tends to be higher, your faithful part in our ministry on a regular basis MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE as we face the challenge of living by faith in God's provision through you each day.


Quarterly support comparison from January 2018 - June 2019

More about Paul and Ellie:

Paul is the son of missionaries and grew up on the mission field in Haiti and at a mission school for Native Americans in Arizona. Ellie grew up in the mountains of Ecuador where her parents were involved in church ministry and education.

After completing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and Bible/Theology at Vennard College, Paul spent a year in Hungary in ministry. He taught English as a second language there, working with Hungarian youth in educational and social settings. He later developed youth and music ministries at a church in Nebraska, then taught for two years at a Christian school in Naples, Florida, directing the music program for pre-K through 8th grade. He taught and directed the music program at Evangelical Christian Academy in Spain from 1998 to 2012 while working with youth in leadership training and ministry in both school and church settings. Paul and Ellie met in Spain while they were both involved in ministry. They were married in 2002 and have two boys, Silas and Timothy.

Paul completed his Masters in Music Education from the Univ. of Nebraska in July of 2005 to aid in curriculum development, the accreditation process and further outreach through music. After moving to Hungary in 2012, Paul began serving as an educational consultant with ACSI, providing training in Biblical integration for teachers throughout Europe while continuing to minister with youth through music and student leadership development. Paul leads the ACSI Europe Student Leadership Conference, which impacts over 400 participants from about 40 christian schools each year. Paul manages the ACSIEurope.org website in 8 languages as a resource for over 250 ACSI member schools in Europe and other web-based tools for Christian school administration and professional development. He is particularly interested in developing cross-cultural ministry relationships which will impact young people and their understanding of God's call on their lives.

Ellie has taught children's Sunday school classes, trained and led church cell groups, worked as an assistant to the director at ECA and worked with Paul in youth ministry. She now serves in ministry and educational support roles at the International Christian School of Budapest while learning Hungarian, hosting activities in our home and developing relationships for spiritual support. She has many opportunities to care for and encourage youth at various stages in their walk of faith. Her transition to Spanish culture as a teen has also enabled her to understand and connect with children and youth who struggle with their value or role in a second and third cultural setting.