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Every contact we have as individuals is actually potential influence for good or for bad. That means influence equals leadership! The question we need to explore now is, "Am I a good leader?" The topics of leadership fall mainly into 3 categories:

Spiritual formation - "Who is the leader?"
Skills formation - "How does he/she lead?"
Strategic planning - "How can he/she plan for sucess?"
grade 9

Today's leaders when they were our students!

Intimacy leads us toward a vision for ministry

I hope you have had time to think through and also to practice the concept of Intimacy with God. This is the foundation for your present and future role as a Christian leader. When this is not in place people, families, churches and ministries fall apart because: the leader is not focused on the person of Christ, they are no longer dependent on Him but on their own experience and skills, they are not concerned about giving God the glory or praise, they lose touch with their spiritual transformation and calling, and they finally give in to pressures and even temptations.

When we commit to a life of intimacy, first with God, then with others, He begins to open our eyes to the real needs of people around us and His answer to those issues. This is when God begins to give us His vision for ministry and it is always bigger than we can handle. That is why He is gracious and does not give it to us all at once - we would never be able to understand or manage it if we knew it up front!

If you are interested in our leadership training material, you can find some good ideas on our blog. Go to Developing Student Leaders.

Goals of Leadership Training:

  1. Tagging Leaders: Identifying students with leadership abilities and a willingness to be trained.
  2. Training Leaders: Providing material and discussion of who the leader is and what the leader does.
  3. Tasking Leaders: Finding and developing opportunities for students to lead in meaningful ways with appropriate support.