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What is prayer?

Prayer is a change in our perspective of God's world. Prayer opens our hearts first to a relationship with Him. Then as He opens His heart to us, we begin to see with His eyes the world around us. We begin to long for His presence to fill the void in the hearts of others. We begin to love them as He loves them because we begin to understand their needs. It is at this point that our prayers for others become effective because we start to see others as He sees them.

"Because of His love God had already decided that through Jesus Christ He would make us His children - this was His pleasure and purpose." Ephesians 1:5 (TEV) What an incredible assurance of God's desire to DELIGHT in a relationship with us! Join us in living out the primary purpose for which God made us - enjoying His presence. Join us in praying for the needs of individuals and specifically their need to know the love of Jesus Christ and experience His delight in a relationship with them.

praying for direction...

New Requests:

We enjoy communicating in several ways with our support team and one of the primary purposes of this is to inform and motivate you in your commitment to prayer. Please sign up to receive our prayer-letters or monthly e-mail updates, or make a habit to look on line for new and specific requests.

Prayer Items:

►  Pray for us to be faithful in our personal relationships and most of all in our daily relationship with Jesus.

►  Pray for our relationships with youth to be meaningful and effective in encouraging spiritual growth and new understanding of God's love for them.

►  Pray for our relationships with neighbors to continue to grow in mutual trust and for them to see Jesus in our daily living.

►  Pray for a growing spiritual hunger in each person we connect with and a restlessness to know if there is a God and if He is actually concerned about us as individuals.

►  Pray for us to have wisdom in balancing our time and effort between tasks that must be completed and people who must be valued and loved.

►  Pray for our relationships with those who support and pray for our work, and for us to be able to communicate to them their value in our lives and ministry.

Praise Items:

►  Praise Jesus for His work in our personal lives, helping us understand our calling and enabling us to live it out each day.

►  Praise Jesus for providing for our personal needs. He continues to work through others in surprising ways to assure us of His continuing provision.

►  Praise Jesus for the opportunity to work with students and teachers who are confident in their faith and calling.

►  Praise Jesus for the opportunity to share Him with our neighbors. Many relationships have been built as we talk over dinner together.

►  Praise Jesus for the incredible blessing of our boys, Silas and Timothy. They are a joy and keep us laughing every day!

Focus on a Country

The more you know about a country, its history, people, culture and spiritual condition, the easier it is to really be involved in effective prayer for that country. Make a point of researching the country your missionaries work in. Look through both secular and Christian sources of information. Pay attention to news items. Encourage your missionary by asking informed questions and communicating how you have been praying for the people they work with daily. Develop your own plan to pray for the people of that country based on their needs.

A picture of Europe

Hungarians are a beautiful people who have maintained much of their unique culture and historical identity partly due to the complexity and uniqueness of their language. Although Hungary is surrounded by slavic based languages (plus Romanian to the east and Austrian/German to the west), it's language does not resemble any of these. Hungarians originally migrated from central Asia sometime after the year 600, moved south and then west, eventually settling in the Carpathian basin along the greatest of Europe's rivers, the Danube, in the late 800's. They quickly took control of the area, inhabited by various tribes, due to their skill in using the bow while on horseback. Their first great king, Saint Stephen, was crowned by Pope Sylvester in the year 1000 A.D. Much of their history is marked with being overrun by neighboring countries and peoples including the Ottoman Empire, the Hapsburg Empire, the Germans in WWII and then the Russians, until their recent move to a free democracy in 1989. The religious heritage is clearly identified in their revised Constitution as a part of the European Union, and recognizes the role of God in the formation and protection of this people as a nation. Historically the stongest demominational groups in Hungary have been the Catholic Church, the Reformed Church, the Lutheran Church, the Greek (and Eastern) Orthodox and more recently the Hungarian Baptist Chruch. But Hungary is now a very secularized nation, like all of Europe. Its people are quite free to worship in the manner of their choosing and many might call themselves Christian, though only 3-4 percent live lives truly committed to Jesus Christ.

Spain, where we served from 1998 - 2012, is an incredible land of contrasts - Roman ruins and modern skyscrapers, snow covered mountains and rugged coastland, fertile plains and densely populated cities, church traditions and a spiritual darkness. The Catholic Church faces an incredible decline in active membership, from 70% down to 20% of the population in the last 30 years! There are at least 300 cults active in Spain. The evangelical church movement is viewed by many in Spain as a cult. Out of 42 million people in Spain, less than 1% have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.